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Jewish Republicans

Jewish GOP

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Pro-Israel pro-Jewish Republicans. All are welcome to join that are pro-Israel, pro-USA, pro-Republican, pro-rightwing. We welcome Christian allies of Israel and the GOP!

Welcome South Park Republicans!

Welcome 9/11 Conservatives

What began as a pro-Palestinian movement turned into an anti-Israel movement then became anti-Jewish

When they were burning down synagogues, it didn't move you.
Now that they are burning down your cities, perhaps you will
understand that when Nazi wannabees at home attempt to
destroy all you hold precious, it's a little less easy to
find a local solution that matches your pious mouthings to
others. I am, as an Israeli, watching the news closely, my
dear French neighbors, fellow inhabitants of the planet
Earth, for how you will deal with your "frustrated youths"
when they burn handicapped grandmothers on your public
buses; shoot your policemen, burn down your cities, shoot at
tourists on trains from Charles de Gaulle to Paris. I am
waiting to see what happens when it isn't your synagogues
and Hebrew schools that are "accidentally" set on fire,(
because the French never admit they have had any anti
Semitic vandalism). I am waiting to see if the Mayor of
Paris, like the Mayor of London, will continue to put his
arms around Muslim clerics preaching hatred for the dhimmi.
And a little reminder: The Islamic Museum, housed in the
center of Paris, has a number of pillars outside which are
labeled: Islamic cities. There is Mecca, Medina, and, oh
yes, Paris.

Welcome, my French friends, to the world the rest of us live


When you look across to the skyline of downtown Manhattan, you see a huge, gaping hole, which constantly reminds me the war on terror should be our first priority,said Dinorah Burgus, a 23-year-old registered independent from Jersey City.

Israel is real love.

Judaism is ahava!

Famous Jews Who Are Republicans

Jerry Bruckheimer (producer)
Rick Dees
Robert Duvall
Jamie Farr
Eva Gabor (the late)
Sarah Michelle Gellar
David Mamet (playwright)
Joel Surnow (executive producer and co-creator of "24")
Ari Fleischer
David Frum (speechwriter for President Bush - the "Axis Of Evil" speech)
Michael Gerson (chief speechwriter for President Bush)
Adam Sandler
Larry Miller (comedian)
Ben Stein
Ron Silver
Johnathan Rhys Davies (Gimli from LOTR)
Trey Parker & Matt Stone (South Park)
Jennifer Love Hewitt
Rob Schneider
Joan Rivers
Ernest Borgnine
Kennedy (former MTV vj)
Dee Snider
James Caan
Joel Schumacher
Yaphet Kotto
Jackie Mason
Orianna Fallacci
David Blaine (magician)
Debbie Schlussel
Robert Downey, Jr. aka Iron Man

The Jewish Republican list is growing. Won't you join us?